Professor MacRae, in collaboration with other colleagues, research units, and external partners, has organized a Jean Monnet Lecture Series and has worked with other events to disseminate knowledge of Europe. A list of recent events follows:

Jean Monnet Lecture Series - Talks, Seminars, and Roundtables, 2014-17

Speaker(s) Topic Date Title


Roundtable (CCGES) European Union 19 Sep, 2017 2017 German Elections: Predictions and Implications
‘EU Talks’ Seminar Environment 1 Jun, 2017 Clean Energy - Smart Economy
Workshop (Political Science) Information & Research 2-3 May, 2017 The Politics of the Possible - Community Engagement
Phil Giurlando Economy 5 Apr, 2017 Eurozone Politics: Expectations vs. Results
Les Jacobs Economy 27 Mar, 2017 Investor State Dispute Settlement in CETA
Willem Maas Citizenship 16 Feb, 2017 Multilevel Citizenship in the Age of Brexit and Trump
Evelyn Paradis European Union 1 Feb, 2017 Lobbying in the EU: Experiences from ILGA
Dorit Geva Gender 16 Nov, 2016 No To The Ideology Of Gender!": French Mobilization Against Same-Sex Marriage and Bourgeois Politics of Distinction
‘EU Talks’ Seminar Immigration 14 Nov, 2016 Migration – Reports from the Ground
Gill Allwood Gender 12 Apr, 2016 Gender Based Violence Against Women in France
Roundtable (Political Science) Economy 4 Mar, 2016 Reflections on the Crises in Europe
Julian Campisi Economy 25 Feb, 2016 The Eurozone, Crisis and Forecasting Political risk
Petra Ahrens European Union 10 Feb, 2016 The FEMM Committee of the European Parliament
Heather MacRae Information & Research Jan 2016 Info Session: ‘EU Study Tour and Internship’
Idil Boran Environment 18 Jan, 2016 The Paris Climate Agreement: The EU and Prospects for the global climate effort
Rafael Kandiyoti External Relations 12 Nov, 2015 To deal or not to deal: Russian gas in the European energy equation
Rory Sinclair European Union 9 Nov, 2015 The Scottish Referendum and the European Union
Urs Obrist External Relations 26 Oct, 2015 Swiss Exceptionalism - Why Switzerland isn't a member of the EU?
Volkmar Lauber Environment 7 Oct, 2015 The key conflicts over Germany’s support for Renewable Power
ERA-CAN+ Information & Research 22 Sep, 2015 Horizon 2020: EU Funding for Canadian Researchers, #2
John Kotsopolous EU & The Global South 10 Mar, 2015 EU-Africa Relations in Flux: Challenges to foreign policy in the developing world
Luigi Scarpa de Masellis Information & Research 23 Feb, 2015 Horizon 2020: EU Funding for Canadian Researchers
Jessica Guth Justice and Equality 11 Feb, 2015 The Promise of the Court of Justice of the EU
Mathias Rodatz Immigration 27 Nov, 2014 The Spatial Governance of Migration in European Cities