Professor MacRae's area of specialization is European Union gender policy. She has spearheaded the creation of an international network of scholars in the network (Re-) Integrating Gender. She is considered to be an leading international expert in the area of gender and the EU and has published widely in this area. Prof. MacRae is currently engaged in a number of projects with partners in Canada and the EU.



(2014-2017) SSHRC Insight Grant “The (In)Visibility of Gender in the European Union.” Primary Investigator


(2010-2012) Economic and Social Research Council, UK: International Partnerships and Networks. Unintentional Gender Consequences of European Integration. Collaborator

(2009-2012) European Union Centre of Excellence at York University. Core Faculty Member

(2009) DAAD/German Academic Exchange Service


Books and Edited Volumes

(2017) Towards Gendering Institutionalism: Equality in Europe. Rowman and Littlefield International. (co-edited with Elaine Weiner).

(2016) Gendering European Integration Theory: Engaging New Dialogues. Barbara Budrich Publishers. (co-edited with Gabriele Abels).

(2010) Transforming Gender Policy in Germany?: European Gender Directives and Challenges to the Male Breadwinner Policy Path. VDM Verlag Dr. Müller. 212 pp.

Book Chapters

(forthcoming 2018) “The Social Dimension of the European Union” in European Governance and Policy Making: A Canadian Perspective Amy Verdun, Emmanuel Brunet-Jailly and Achim Hurrelmann (eds.). pp. 271-297. (with Donna Wood).

(2017) “Opportunity and Setback? Gender equality, Crisis and Change in the EU” in Gender and the Politics of the Economic Crisis in Europe: Policies, Institutions and Intersectionalities Emanuela Lombardo and Johanna Kantola (eds). Palgrave. pp. 73-94. (with Elaine Weiner).

(2017) “Introduction” in Towards Gendering Institutionalism: Equality in Europe Heather MacRae and Elaine Weiner (eds.) Rowman and Littlefield International. pp. xv – ixxx. (with Elaine Weiner).

(2017) “Conclusion: Common Ground and New Terrain” in Towards Gendering Institutionalism: Equality in Europe Heather MacRae and Elaine Weiner (eds.) Rowman and Littlefield International. pp. 207-214 (with Elaine Weiner).

(2016) “Why and How to Gender European Integration Theory? Introduction” in Gendering European Integration Theory. Gabriele Abels and Heather MacRae (eds). Barbara Budrich Publishers, Leverkusen. pp. 9-37. (with Gabriele Abels).

(2016) “Neo-functionalism: Spilling Over to Gender Studies” in Gendering European Integration Theory. Gabriele Abels and Heather MacRae (eds). Barbara Budrich Publishers, Leverkusen. pp. 57-76.

(2010) “Women’s activism and multiple policy scales in German parental leave policy” in Federalism, Feminism and Multi-Level Governance in the Twenty-First Century: New Challenges .Melissa Haussman, Marian Sawer, and Jill Vickers, eds. Ashgate. pp. 127-140.

Articles in Refereed Journals

(2017) "Thematic Review: Gender and the European Union" Politics and Gender, Vol. 13 pp. 163-171.

(2014) “The Persistent Invisibility of Gender in EU Policy: Introduction to the Special IssueEuropean Integration online Papers. (Co-edited with Elaine Weiner).

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(2003) “Morality, Censorship and Discrimination: Reframing the Pornography Debate in Germany and Europe” (2003) Social Politics Vol. 10 (3) pp. 314-345.

Non-refereed Publications

(2014) “Forward,” in Yvonne Galligan (ed.) States of Democracy: Gender and Politics in the European Union (London: Routledge).

(2013) “Unintended consequences of EU policies: Reintegrating gender in European studies” Women’s Studies International Forum 39 pp. 1-2. Editorial to Special Issue. (with Gill Allwood and Roberta Guerrina).

(2010) “Unification and the Changing German Gender Regime” Expert Comment in Newsletter, Sept. 2010.